Things you should not do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam the capital of the Netherlands is a beautiful place and haven for tourists with its art museums and water canals. The exotic beach to the wonderful Dutch architecture is enchanting. It is a city that one shouldn’t miss at any cost on their Europe trip but there are some things to be aware of when going to Amsterdam. Let’s look at things you shouldn’t do in the trip to

How COVID has affected European tourism?

The tourism industry has been hit bad all over the world with the imminent lockdown and COVID situation. The pandemic has adversely affected almost all sectors and stunted the growth of the world’s economy, across the borders. The worst affected is the tourism sector where even the possibility of thriving back once normalcy returns due to the fear and social distancing norms. European tourism that accounts for about 10% of

Top 3 Boeing planes

Boeing Company is the world’s largest American manufacturer of commercial jet transports and aerospace products. They also produce military aircraft, helicopters, space vehicles, and missiles apart from commercial passenger planes. The headquarters are was located in Seattle but later was relocated to Chicago. So, let’s have look at some of the best and most promising Boeing planes. Boeing 737 The Boeing 737 is a single-aisle plane that is probably the

Top countries to visit in Europe

Europe is a wonderful and exotic beauty to plan vacations with its rich culture, gorgeous snowy Alps, delicious cuisine, exceptional coastline and celebratory environment. From the local shopping to eateries and civilization thriving for more than 2000 years brings eloquent prospects for a holiday trip. There are many attractive places spread throughout Europe with remarkable places, let’s look at some of the top countries, one should visit in Europe. Greece

Places to visit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands is an epic city with museums, cultural heritage, panoramic canal network to enjoy endless vibrant things all around the year. Also called the Venice of the North it has wonderful locations to travel by foot, bike or boat. The breathtaking architecture to art museums and thriving flea markets have an appealing element to it. Let’s look at the best places to visit on the trip

European culture

Europe is a big continent that has colonized over other parts of the world so when we talk and consider ‘European culture’ – it is something that should unify entire Europe and gives it a European identity. But exclusivity in the culture and heritage of artists like Shakespeare, Beethoven, or Da Vinci is debatable in modern times as it is considered a part of the shared global culture. There is

Biggest European airport

Almost all of the major cities of Europe have a fully functional International airport that welcomes many of the arrivals for the surrounding locality. Some airports receive more traffic of tourists than other international airports as they tend to handle a lot of connecting flights outside the continent. Europe also has its fair share of the biggest airports in the world with state-of-the-art amenities and smooth management for a comfortable,

Top 3 Airbus Planes

Started in 1970, Airbus Industrie was a joint European venture to compete against Boeing and now it is a revered company producing military and civil aerospace products of high quality. Now it is known as Airbus dominating the entire European airspace market and in the world. With about 10,000 different models of aircraft, Airbus is currently registered with the Netherlands and traded in Germany, Spain and France. Apart from commercial

Things to keep in mind before visiting Netherlands

How can anyone not fall in love with the Netherlands? The land of tulips and bicycles with pretty cottages and liberal culture, it is a country for every fresh traveler who wishes to explore Europe. The picturesque nature will make you flash your camera now and then and hence keeping in mind, here are some useful tips for you to know before you visit this gorgeous place. Travel and visaMany


Popularly known as the land of the duchess, where one can soak themselves into the delectable aroma of pastries and cupcakes oozing sweetness and is irresistible to take a bite from. Well, the Netherlands is all about liberalism and contemporary lifestyle. The people are proud of their culture and the long-enduring freedom of Dutch culture is world-renowned. Let’s peek into the cultural heritage of this magnificent country!  Arts and paintingsThe