Glamour and Glitz at the Plaza in N.Y.C

Does the name Plaza Hotel ring a bell? The esteemed luxurious hotel in the middle of New York City has made quite the name for itself. From its ever-changing owners and constant renovations the Plaza Hotel has remained as one of the most popular and recognizable resorts over the last century. The Plaza Hotel is located in Midtown Manhattan, on the western side of the Grand Army Plaza at the

Venice-A floating marvel

A city of marble, perched precariously on a lagoon, disappearing slowly beneath the waves of the acqua alta — Venice is a floating marvel, proof of man’s endless hubris and imagination. Vanishing, wonderful Venice, La Serenissima (the most serene one), La Dominate, Queen Of The Adriatic, The Floating City Of Masks And Bridges sinks by one or two millimeters every years, as a consequence of its faulty wooden foundations and

Lights, romance, mystery and glamour in the city of love

La Ville Lumier, the City Of Love, Capital De La Mode, Lutece — a hundred different names for all the hundred different things that make Paris the enchanting place it is. Today, its bistro lined boulevards, art galleries, and haute-boutiques rub shoulders with the modern day marvels of designer wine bars, contemporary architecture and vibrant clubs, cabarets and night-long parties. There’s iconic architecture, spectacular food, an unparalleled shopping experience and

Tokyo – Past, present and future collide in the land of the rising sun

Tokyo the Eastern Capital of Asia is the perfect fusion of traditional conventions and contemporary present. Tokyo has constructed a perfect balance of religious temples such as Senso-ji and modern skyscrapers such as the Tokyo Skytree. Commonly known as “The Electric Town”, Tokyo is at the heart of innovative technology from centrally heated floors in homes to fastest electric trains. The Silicon Valley of Asia has it all, a bustling

The Ritz Hotel

Reminiscent of the French Renaissance The Ritz Paris is one of the oldest luxury hotels in the world. Home to one of the most revolutionary icons in fashion Coco Chanel, The Ritz has become synonymous with grandeur. Established by Cesar Ritz in 1898, the main purpose of the hotel was to provide its clientele with “all the refinement that a prince could desire in his own home.” The architects hired

Beverly Hills Hotel

Most notoriously known to be the residence of Hollywood A-listers, Beverly Hills Hotel has maintained its position on the top of the list of the world’s most established resorts. It’s the dream of every aspiring artist trying to pave his way in the entertainment business to own one of the suites and bungalows the Beverly Hills Hotel has to offer. It’s the pinnacle of success in Hollywood. The Hotel commonly

Understated luxury at the Hilton

The Washington Hilton Hotel might seem familiar if you’re well versed in political matters. To help jog your memory- I’d like to bring up the assignation attempt on the former President Ronald Regan which took place right outside the hotel’s northwest exit. The hotel was often referred to as the “Hinckley Hilton” coined after the man that tried to murder Regan. Perhaps an easier transition into the introduction of the


Is there any place on Earth quite so divisive as Israel? Three of the world’s major religions stake their claim to sacred sites inside its hotly-contested borders — the Holy Land occupies an altogether singular place in the junction of Middle Eastern history and politics.  Unmistakably, emphatically modern yet suffused with a sense of the ancient, Israel demands to be seen, heard, felt and experienced at every turn, it excites

Three things you can't miss out at Cancun

Welcome to Cancun! Most tourists are interested in spending their time in Cancun beach side with their toes in clear blue waters, margarita in hand. All that’s well and good — why not rejuvenate? But Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula proffers a wealth of things to do for even the most intrepid of explorers. There’s no better place to get riotously drunk than at one of Cancun’s delightfully seedy nightclubs, no better

3 Must sees in Denmark

Renaissance castles and cutting edge contemporary architecture, incredible restaurants, awe-inspiring landscapes and of course, Danish Hygge — Denmark is one of the few places on earth whose 5.8 million residents frequently find themselves outnumbered by tourists! Don’t be deceived by this pocket sized nation’s small size: Denmark is one of the oldest states in Europe and in fact, the oldest kingdom in the world. The first Danes were hunters and