Beverly Hills Hotel

Most notoriously known to be the residence of Hollywood A-listers, Beverly Hills Hotel has maintained its position on the top of the list of the world’s most established resorts. It’s the dream of every aspiring artist trying to pave his way in the entertainment business to own one of the suites and bungalows the Beverly Hills Hotel has to offer. It’s the pinnacle of success in Hollywood. The Hotel commonly attributed with film stars, rock stars and singers is a structure of 210 suites and 23 bungalows. Even today, each suite and room is designed with the same emblem of pink and green since the Hotel was established.

It may come as a shock to many that the Beverly Hills Hotel was constructed before LA was even a city! It was built in 1912 by Andersons who was hired by Burton Green an oil tycoon. Green was of the opinion that ‘Beverly Farms’ as it was known then, would be ‘halfway between LA and the ocean’ would offer a perfect opportunity to attract people to this unexplored area. Meanwhile the Hollywood entertainment industry was taking off and there was a huge influx in migration to LA for aspiring artists. Soon Hollywood actors like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton took up residence in the Hotel and it became a bustling spot for the super famous.

During the Great Depression the hotel was closed down and required funding to reopen. In 1932, with financial aid from the Bank of America the hotel reopened its doors to customers. The 1930’s was a decade full of the glitz and glamour for the Beverly Hills Hotel. The hotel at any given time was filled with the planet’s most sought after stars. From The Beatles sneaking in for a dip in the Arizonian beach inspired pool to Fred Astaire delightfully reading the Daily Variety in the lobby. The roaring success of the early 30’s was met with more prosperity in 1940, when the Hotel started to host fashion shows for the elite 1 percent of the world.

The Beverly Hills Hotel went under major reconstructions after Courtright bought the pristine property. The Polo Lounge, the Fountain Coffee, The Coterie and The Crystal Room were added.

Beverly Hills Hotel became the epitome of Old Hollywood. The continuous string of celebrities visiting the establishment continued. The Eagles wrote ‘HotelCalifornia’ with the Beverly Hills Hotel as the album cover. It became the ideal location for celebrities to honeymoon- or recover from plastic surgeries.

Everything was going well until the Hotel was bought by the Sultan of Brunei. Due to the introduction of some Sharia laws in Brunei-that were homophobic NGO’s in the US demanded the entertainment industry to boycott the Beverly Hills Hotel. Prominent figures such as Ellen DeGeneres and Jay Leno publicly criticized the once prestigious institution. Unfortunately the good days for the Hotel are long over. Its reputation remains tainted and its lobbies empty.

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