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Almost all of the major cities of Europe have a fully functional International airport that welcomes many of the arrivals for the surrounding locality. Some airports receive more traffic of tourists than other international airports as they tend to handle a lot of connecting flights outside the continent. Europe also has its fair share of the biggest airports in the world with state-of-the-art amenities and smooth management for a comfortable, hassle-free transit. Some of the best airports in Europe according to, the quality of their facilities are – Cologne Bonn Airport in France, Copenhagen Airport in Denmark, Zurich Airport in Switzerland etc.

Largest Airports in Europe

Some of the biggest airports with the largest surface area in Europe are –

  1. Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, Italy
  2. Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport, France
  3. Paris Orly Airport, France

The data regarding the same is drafted by the reportings given by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The airport with a bigger surface area facilitates and improves the facilities with a big notch as the accessible open space, operational active surface like runways and helipad are better and more spacious. The simultaneous functioning of the utility buildings and control tower is also smoother.

The largest European airport is the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France with an airport size of 3,237 hectares. It stands at the 10th position along with the biggest airports in the world with King Fahd International Airport, Dammam, Saudi Arabia at the first place with an area of 77,600 hectares airport. The biggest airport in the whole of Europe is named after Charles de Gaulle, provisional President of France who was the architect of the French Fifth Republic and leader of Free French Forces in the Second World War.

Paris Charles De Gaulle bus, getting to and from the airport

About Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

The Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport is located 25 kilometres outside of Paris and was established in the year 1974. The airport has an area of about 32.37km² that consists of three terminals and 4 runaways. The second terminal has fully functional seven sub-terminals inside it. Allegedly, the airport is undergoing some expansion and renovation, therefore, can further increase in size. The airport has roadways that connect it to Lille and Belgium. The airport will develop a high-speed rail link to Paris by 2023 to curtail the travel time required to reach there from the city center by 25 minutes. Under this CONNECT 2020 plan improvements apart from better road and rail transport links, facilities like baggage handling, retail facilities, and hotel availability and standards will be enhanced.

The busiest airport in the European Union is Heathrow International, London, United Kingdom and is also the second busiest of the world after Dubai International by international traffic. It is among the largest airports in Europe but with only 12.27km² surface area. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport is the second -busiest airport in Europe with 72 million passengers passing in transit through it. It handled about 475,654 aircraft transits in 2017, making it the tenth busiest airport in the world. The airport offers direct flights to most of the countries and hosts the majority of the world airlines.

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