Glamour and Glitz at the Plaza in N.Y.C

Does the name Plaza Hotel ring a bell? The esteemed luxurious hotel in the middle of New York City has made quite the name for itself. From its ever-changing owners and constant renovations the Plaza Hotel has remained as one of the most popular and recognizable resorts over the last century. The Plaza Hotel is located in Midtown Manhattan, on the western side of the Grand Army Plaza at the intersection of Central Park South Street- right in the heart of New York.

If you’ve been a fan of Macaulay Culkin, you might recognize The Plaza from Home Alone 2 when Kevin decides to book a suite at the hotel where most of the movie is filmed. This marvelous condominium hotel was first built in 1890, by Mc Kin, Mead & White after the original owners foreclosed. Even though the architects were wildly popular for their work- it soon became obvious that the Plaza was too small. It was reconstructed by its new hoteliers Fred Sterry, Bernhard Beinecke and Harry S. Black in a way to capture the essence of the 19th century French Renaissance- inspired château like building.

This newer version of the Plaza was erected within a short span of time (27 months). However a speedy reconstruction meant that the cost was abnormally high, the amount was 2.5 million dollars- a figure that was incomprehensible for renovation of a hotel in 1907. The Plaza’s popularity sky-rocketed and soon a 300 room annex was added in 1920, owing to an increased demand for rooms.

Later the Plaza was bought by Hilton who after renovating the structure decided to sell the masterpiece at 16 million dollars to Sonnabend. The Plaza has exchanged hand several times- including Donald Trump that bought the Plaza for 390 million in 1988, but had to file for bankruptcy and sell the hotel further on as the Plaza didn’t make anywhere near enough money to cover the debt. Currently the ownership of the Plaza lies with Qatar’s Katata Hospitality.

Unsurprisingly the luxuries and location of the Plaza attracts attention even from world leaders. In 1985, head of states from developed countries such as Japan, France and West Germany discussed to bring down the price of the US dollar against their currencies by signing an agreement which came to be known as the Plaza Accord. Consequently, the Plaza became synonymous with notoriety and status. Many artists such as The Beatles, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton came to stay at the Plaza. World reknown singers such as Miles Davis recorded a live album on the Persian Room in 1958. The Plaza holds a very special place in the hearts of the New Yorkers.

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