Lights, romance, mystery and glamour in the city of love

La Ville Lumier, the City Of Love, Capital De La Mode, Lutece — a hundred different names for all the hundred different things that make Paris the enchanting place it is. Today, its bistro lined boulevards, art galleries, and haute-boutiques rub shoulders with the modern day marvels of designer wine bars, contemporary architecture and vibrant clubs, cabarets and night-long parties.

There’s iconic architecture, spectacular food, an unparalleled shopping experience and the sort of distinguished artistic pedigree that’ll please even the fussiest aesthetes. Paris is unforgettable. Here are just a few of the things to see and do in this lovely city!

Wander the Jardin Du Luxembourg

Right in the heart of Paris’s 6th arrondissement, walking distance from the Ile de la Cité, Notre-Dame and Latin quarter lies the Jardin Du Luxembourg — inspired by the Boboli, in Florence, this romantic 25 hectare garden is a welcome relief from the go-go-go hustle and bustle of central Paris. The gardens are the brainchild of queen Marie de’ Medici, who’d grown tired of living in the Palais Du Louvre and sorely missed Florence, where she’d grown up. Perhaps the most striking thing about the gardens is how very concerned they are with being symmetrical — as most formal French gardens are — and the Jardin Du Luxembourg is geometrical marvel, all straight lines and octagons and hexagons and squares. Bring a picnic blanket and relax on the wedge of grass available to the public, or do like the Parisians do and snag one of the green wrought iron benches!

See the Eiffel tower

A list of some of Paris’s best attractions that makes no mention of the Eiffel tower? Sacrilegious. You can’t leave Paris without seeing its trademark tower. When the 1889 World’s Fair rolled around, a wager was struck — to “study the possibility of erecting an iron tower on the Champ-de-Mars with a square base, 125 metres across and 300 metres tall” — and of the 107 proposals that flooded in, businessman Gustave Eiffel’s ambitious 324 meter “Iron Woman” selected. Paris without the Eiffel is unimaginable, but back then, the tower was  only intended to be temporary exhibit, and many of Paris’s artists revolted against what they felt was an assault on the city’s landscape. Today, more than 7 million people visit the tower yearly!

Meander round the Latin quarter

Whether you’re spending your last day or two in Paris mostly penniless and looking to enjoy some good eats at even better prices or looking to tour one of Paris’s iconic neighborhoods — the Latin Quarter’s vibrant history and wealth of attractions make it a must see. From the classy bistros to the killer nightlife, the Latin Quarter kindles a Joie De Vivre quite unlike anything else.

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