According to a new study, frozen nitrogen regulates Pluto’s wind that may arise on its surface. Pluto’s popular heart-shaped structure which is known as Tombaugh Regio has become famous after the new horizon mission of NASA that captured pictures of the dwarf planet in 2015. Now, new research observes that Pluto’s acclaimed nitrogen heart rules upon its atmospheric circulation. To know how Pluto’s atmosphere behaves, scientists compared Pluto with Earth.

In a new study, Australian and US physics professors have observed entangled quantum among billions of flowing electrons in a quantum critical material. The researchers examined the electronic and magnetic behavior in a strange metal compound of ytterbium, silicon, and rhodium. These metals were allowed to pass through a critical transition at the boundary of the quantum phases. A co-author, Si of Rice University said that whenever it comes to

A professor Kutzbach, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, observed that many ancient people and animals gather in the caves for warmth and shelter. Kutzbach studies the changes in the earth’s moment through space. He observed the various factors including the shape of the orbit, the tilt of the Earth’s axis, greenhouse gases and ice sheets that would probably affect the change in the climatic condition. After many years of study