The Most Powerful Passports To Travel Across The World

Japan - United States Department of State

A passport is a gateway to connect you to the rest of the world. This is how we like to think of it, but in reality, for several individuals, it is more like a barrier to global freedom. It is because different passports carry different powers to provide you access to where you want to travel. In 2020, the Henley Passport Index has come up with its global mobility report that analyzes the power of each country’s passport. Apart from the ranking the powerful nations, it also provides a comprehensive look at mobility trends. To know more about the HPI survey, have a look below.

Japan’s Passport Occupy The first Place for the Third Running Year.

According to data from the International Air Transport Association and significant in-house research, the world kicks off the 21st century’s third decade with japan’s passport. It stands at the top position for the third running year. With a Japanese passport, travelers have access to visa-on-arrival across 191 destinations of the world. A close second, Singapore’s passport permits access to 190 places, with joint third taken by South Korea and Germany, with 189 accessible destinations.

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Uk And USA Continue Downward Trajectories

In an HPI report, both US and UK remain in the top ten, but they have made a drastic decline falling from first to eight positions in the past five years. UK and US citizens can travel to 184 countries without the headache of applying for visas beforehand. Moreover, following the Conservative government’s landslide victory in the UK in 2019, the future of travel freedom and mobility between Europe and Britain remains uncertain.

Surprising Winner- UAE

From the past ten years, the passport power of UAE has raised up to 47 places. However, UAE doesn’t come under the top ten, still it at the 18th place with a score of 171. UAE has been successful due to the core business center and global business powerhouses in its emirates. Moreover, the consideration for which country’s passport will become more powerful largely depends upon the fundamental modifications in the status. Montenegro is one of the countries which is expected to rise in the upcoming years. It has recently declared about the beginning of a citizenship-by an investment program. On the other hand, global investors can avail of Montenegro citizenship through huge investments.

If you are a frequent traveler for work or wish to explore a number of countries, then you will know the importance of considering a powerful passport. By looking at the survey, the nations have already adapted to mobility as a persistent condition of global life. The top-ranking in HPI depicts, the countries that embrace this reality are thriving, and their citizens get to enjoy rising passport power as well as the array of perks that come along with it.

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