Things to keep in mind before visiting Netherlands

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How can anyone not fall in love with the Netherlands? The land of tulips and bicycles with pretty cottages and liberal culture, it is a country for every fresh traveler who wishes to explore Europe. The picturesque nature will make you flash your camera now and then and hence keeping in mind, here are some useful tips for you to know before you visit this gorgeous place.

Travel and visa
Many international interconnecting flights run every day connecting all the major airports throughout the world. Also, the visa is hassle-free and you need to apply for it a month before your scheduled trip. Also, euros is the preferred currency and you can easily get it anywhere at the airport or in your native place. The useful tip is to carry your photo id every time you step out of your hotel.

Accommodations and transport
Weekends are highly-priced as compared to weekdays. Pre-book your stays and prefer weekdays as the Netherlands is the most visited travel destination. Apart from hotel stays, to save your local transportation expenditure, get a GVB city card for a nominal price. It can be used for all public transport along with free entry to top-notch museums and can be a blessing in disguise.

Bicycle tips in the city (Amsterdam)
The best way to explore is to hire a bicycle. Before renting one, make sure to check the breaks as Dutch breaks function differently as they have pedal breaks. No matter how peculiar this tip may sound but it is going to save you from so many hassles. Also, make sure to lock your bicycle, and please note that the bicycle roads are red coded so, refrain from walking on them. 

The Netherlands is a proliferating historical place with beauty at every nick and corner. It has attracted travelers from over the world simply due to the distinctive art galore and floral landscapes. Also, it is popular because of its free-spirited culture towards prostitution and legal marijuana consumption too. Remember to respect it if you wish to make your travel here memorable. 

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