Things you should not do in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam the capital of the Netherlands is a beautiful place and haven for tourists with its art museums and water canals. The exotic beach to the wonderful Dutch architecture is enchanting. It is a city that one shouldn’t miss at any cost on their Europe trip but there are some things to be aware of when going to Amsterdam. Let’s look at things you shouldn’t do in the trip to Amsterdam –

  • Don’t do drugs outside the coffeeshops

For the regular caffeine dosage, stick to the sidewalks cafe instead of other coffee shops. Look for the green and white license sticker in the window – they tend to sell soft drugs legally. They have many different types of addictive substances available like cannabis, hash, etc. Don’t deal with street sellers or shady looking people and never make an eye-contact or answer to whispers like hash? coke?. Being experimental is alright, but don’t get all high and jump down the canals to eventually die, this happens. Take all precautions, it is better to have a friend who remains sober to help out and ensure to limit consumption inside the cafes only. Don’t try to smuggle out them as it can lead to punishment and fines.

  • Don’t ride a bike, if you are inexperienced

Amsterdam has dedicated bike lanes for tourists and citizens alike to travel. Ensure that you stick to the bike lanes and only try it if you are confident of your skills. Stopping in between with your map stuck on the nose or unbalanced travel can be problematic for regular travellers who are in a hurry. Walking through the bike lanes is big no, no – you can irritate the regular pedestrians. Crossing tram lines is a common incident when biking through the streets of Amsterdam, make sure to cross them perpendicular (to prevent tripping and falling) and avoid cycling inside them, whenever possible. Make sure you get a bicycle from a registered and legal establishment. The roadways along the waterways of Amsterdam is confusing so having a GPS device or consultation from Google Maps is the best bet for not getting lost.

  • Don’t click pictures in the red-light districts

It can be astonishing to find many women out on display in the red-light districts. Standing there to admire them or even having an experience is not wrong but respect them. Not all are voluntarily there and judging them is not a good idea. It is okay to stand, gawk and even touch the glass panes – you will find many groups of people surrounding the brightly shined platforms. But, never try to click pictures and get away with it. It is absolutely prohibited to use cameras for clicking pictures, even if you are all, you will be caught – there are people observing you. The blue paned glasses are for transgenders – so don’t get confused and surprised. Keep your phones in the front pockets and beware of pickpocketing, it is a common occurrence in the peak time.

Other things you should be wary are getting frauded by shops scamming as museums, street peddlers, pickpocketing, don’t limit yourself to the city centre as the suburbs of Amsterdam is equally extraordinary, enjoy local cuisine and don’t just stick to fast food joints, don’t ride a beer bike or more a whole pot or get high to the extent of losing consciousness, you can get pickpocketed and lose all your valuables. There are many tourists every year in Amsterdam and almost everybody does a blunder on their trip. So it is better to have a lookout for these things in your trip.

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