Tokyo – Past, present and future collide in the land of the rising sun

Tokyo the Eastern Capital of Asia is the perfect fusion of traditional conventions and contemporary present. Tokyo has constructed a perfect balance of religious temples such as Senso-ji and modern skyscrapers such as the Tokyo Skytree. Commonly known as “The Electric Town”, Tokyo is at the heart of innovative technology from centrally heated floors in homes to fastest electric trains. The Silicon Valley of Asia has it all, a bustling nightlife, incredible food, revolutionary tech and fashion and style in its every corner.

Tokyo’s come a long way – and fast. As WW2’s dust settled the Japanese people broke their backs to put Tokyo on the map. That’s why it proffers such an invaluable glimpse into the heritage and history of the Japanese people. Tokyo is home to several Buddhist temples that carry sanctimonious significance to its worshipers. Sensō-ji, the intricately designed beautiful temple is the oldest temple in the city and welcomes thousands of visitors every year from all over the world. The traditionally red and gold sacred temple is located in the historic Asakusa neighborhood and a must visit for people trying to explore the Japanese culture.

Besides temples Tokyo houses some of the tallest skyscrapers. In fact the Skytree in Japan is the second highest building in the world. It’s view from the top offers a one of a kind 360 degree panorama of Tokyo. It presents a breath-taking scene to the naked eye. On a cloudy day the tower becomes more magical as you look down upon the sky from its windows. Surrounded by countless gift shops and restaurants the Skytree offers a complete experience for its visitors!

If you find flashing lights drawing you in remember they come with a hefty price tag. Living here is no easy feat and if you’re planning to move to Japan, drop the idea— unless you’re rolling in dough. It isn’t uncommon in Tokyo for families to live in cramped joint households in order to cut living expenses- as property in Tokyo costs a pretty penny. This results in a lack of privacy for young couples who do not have the luxury of private intimacy. Cue in Tokyo’s growing industry of Love Motels: here you can book a room for a few hours for as little as $20 and “wind down” with your partner(s).

This may seem as a bizarre alternative at first however love shall find its way- especially when it’s paid for. Overall Tokyo has become very popular among the younger generations and for good reason. It offers a culturally unique experience and an intimate glance into the lives of Japanese people. It’s vital to expand your horizons and travel to enchanting destinations such as Tokyo.

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