Top countries to visit in Europe

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Europe is a wonderful and exotic beauty to plan vacations with its rich culture, gorgeous snowy Alps, delicious cuisine, exceptional coastline and celebratory environment. From the local shopping to eateries and civilization thriving for more than 2000 years brings eloquent prospects for a holiday trip. There are many attractive places spread throughout Europe with remarkable places, let’s look at some of the top countries, one should visit in Europe.

  • Greece

The coastline by the Mediterranean and at crossroads of Europe, Africa, and Asia is an exotic country with a relaxing beach, islands, mouthwatering cuisine, and rich heritage to relish. The ancient monuments and Greek architecture are breathtaking in this Southeast European country. Monasteries of Meteora to beaches, watersports of Santorini, ancient grandeur of Athens is picturesque. The archaeological monuments, small islands with the Cyclades and Aegean views to enjoy. The Olympus National Park is also a haven for nature and outdoor enthusiasts with it’s teeming flora, fauna and mythological history.

  • France

France brings the Eiffel Tower in Paris to our minds the first instinct for it’s gorgeous and stunning landscapes and views. Be it the beaches along Riviera or the breathtaking sceneries, chateaus, wildlife parks and landmarks around Louvre are brilliant. The countryside wineries near Champagne and Chamonix valley is a great place to unwind with delicious cuisine and beverage. The museums and shopping opportunities the city of Paris brings for the tourists is spectacular. There are ethereal places like Alsace, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Pont du Gard, Nimes, Arles, and Glanum to take in the magnificence of France completely.

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  • Norway

Norway is a striking country that can’t be missed on a journey to Europe with its deep fjords, rugged mountainscapes and breathtaking glaciers. The epic gorgeousness of Norway is a very different experience with the preserved, untouched natural wildlife in the unique scenery blended with Scandinavian culture is unparalleled. The remote country due to its unusual geographical location of lying within the Arctic Circle has the phenomenon of the midnight sun – that is loved by tourists all over the world. With the peaceful small villages with the hospitality of the people and untamed nature in its full glory roaming in Svalbard archipelago is an extraordinary affair to spectate.

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  • Italy

Italy is the country one should go for delicious cuisine, rich literature, and gothic architecture. From the bathed cathedrals to the churches and mansions – Italy is pretty much worth to be included in a Europe trip. From the monuments of deep cultural heritage in Rome to canals and gondolas in Venice – Itlay has a lot to offer for any tourists. Be it the architecture and art museums in Florence or Isle of Capri for the Blue Grotto and beaches to the mountainous landscape of Alps – everything is full of beautiful wonders in the country. The hilltop towns or the coastal villages and places like Cinque Terre, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast are special to the visit to Italy making the entire vacation complete.

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  • Spain

Spain has a number of diverse landscapes and a substantial number of heritage sites to make it a prime holiday location. From the snow-capped mountains to deserts and meadows or coastlines by Atlantic and Mediterranean are breathtaking. The Canary Islands and Mallorca are considered to be the highlights when traveling to Spain that is must visit the place on the trip to Europe.

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So, what is left is packing the bags and booking the tickets for a trip to Europe filled with its many other exotic countries like the Netherlands, Ukraine, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Austria, Turkey, Croatia, Germany to unearth and relish.

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